Site Audits

When did you last take a log of your machines, assets and systems? When downtime strikes and productivity takes a hit, companies often scramble to find the latest list, tracking down maintenance schedules and condition papers to start diagnosing problems after they happen. R&D Technology drive home the importance of proactivity with our targeted site and systems audit service, empowering relevant personnel with up-to-date, easy-to-understand and actionable information

What’s included in a Site Audit?

R&D Technology deploy an experienced team of technicians to your site to identify and log your system and product assets, creating a clear register of what you have, its age, serial specifics, performance capability and expected lifetime. You’ll be supplied a preliminary condition overview, highlighting each asset in a way that makes sense to everybody, from technical personnel to Joe in accounting.


Does your business need a Site Audit?

Every business should have an up-to-date understanding of their assets. While an equipment and power systems audit sounds like a maybe instead of an essential, periodically assessing the condition and operational capability of your equipment and machines will minimise the likelihood of extended downtime when the unexpected comes knocking and malfunctioning systems impact everything from workflows to production and distribution and most importantly, safety.

Site audits help companies and businesses manage:

  • Budgets
  • Training
  • Replacement and maintenance strategies
  • Downtime strategies

What if my assets are deteriorating?

Our team of auditors will step you through our safety management system audit checklist before recommending any next steps. Unlike similar services, we don’t have a suite of packages – one size rarely fits all. Instead, we work with you to develop a site audit plan, and if required, an asset replacement strategy, ensuring essential systems continue to function as expected for as long as they’re required.

We Audit a Broad Range of Industries and Markets

R&D Technology are proud to service a broad range of clients. Every industry that utilises critical power back up equipment, engineering, safety or conveyor systems will benefit from regular asset auditing – put your business first with our qualified team today.

Our site audits prevent problems

At R&D Technology, we own every stage of the auditing process, ensuring the communication you receive is concise, detailed and easy-to-read. Get in touch today and speak to our team of specialist technicians about your needs.