Electrical Engineering Products

R&D Technology deliver Australian made power conditioning systems, material handling and conveyor products to local and national industrial environments and institutions, from the ever-growing health sector to sanitation, mining and food and beverage.

Our post-trade, factory trained personnel will assess what you’re trying to achieve, identifying and qualifying short-term and long-term needs, from immediate results to projected impact before recommending the right product. The components listed below are of the highest quality, engineered onsite to meet the round-the-clock demands of the toughest worksites, factories and private service settings.

R&D Technology ensures each and every component, system and piece of equipment is compliant with Australian standards. Create a safer, more efficient workplace with R&D Technology’s range of electrical engineering products.


Conveyor Safety

R&D Technology deliver hard-wearing, light, moderate and heavy-duty products to the commercial and industrial sectors, setting the standard for high quality, Australian made material handling equipment for the harsh Australian environment and conditions. Improve worksite reliability, uptime and make safety your priority with our extensive range of emergency stop, conveyor control devices, blocked chute and stockpile detection systems, high visibility estop identification, purpose built ancillary products, multi-function sounders and AC & DC strobes.


Power Conditioning

Minimise downtime and effectively correct, manage and output a safe supply of DC and AC electricity with our industrial power conditioning systems. R&D Technology’s experienced team of power protection experts identify opportunities for greater efficiency, from power factor correction solutions to AC & DC power systems, ensuring you maintain compliance while protecting your business, your clients and the public from unexpected issues, including power failure in emergency situations. When it comes to keeping the lights on or the conveyor belt running, R&D Technology stand ready to supply, commission, repair and replace.

Motor Control

Motor Control

At R&D Technology, we understand the importance of a streamlined and efficient motor control system. Our trained technicians are always on hand to discuss your needs, highlighting where and how your business could benefit from motor control products like variable speed drives, electric motors and protection relays, further guarding your bottom-line against breakdowns and potential inefficiencies. We develop custom solutions onsite for a range of clients, testing, repairing and maintaining each component for the life of the system.


Our trained engineers understand the importance of protecting sensitive assets. Explore our range of stainless steel and polyester electrical enclosures in a variety of sizes.  Require a panel fit out ? just ask our qualified engineers

Industrial electrical enclosure options include:  Standard construction, sloping roof, terminal boxes and visual isolators (all enclosures can be wall mounted or free standing).


Never underestimate the value of our accessories such as critical spares for your DC system, lanyard wire supports, Fortress interlocking for machine guarding and personnel safety, neutral earthing resistors, universal isolator handles, VRLA batteries and proximity sensors. These simple accessories can mean the difference between average operation and consistent performance. Discover our range of complementary accessories.

R&D Technology takes ownership of every system, component and product that leaves our facility. Speak to our dedicated team today to find out what our range of specialised electrical engineering products and systems can do for your business.