Variable Speed Drives

R&D Technology’s extensive experience in
Danfoss VLT | Vacon Variable speed AC drives
has you covered.

Product Details

R&D Technology offers powerful variable speed drive options, including Danfoss VLT and Vacon Variable speed AC drives, in addition capacitor reforming (for stored and spare units); motor and cable packages; and low-harmonic solutions that meet supply authority requirements.


Some of the services we provide include:
  • Sales and custom solution engineering
  • Low-harmonic solutions to meet supply authority requirements
  • Inhouse repairs and load testing
  • Onsite commissioning
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Locally stocked spare parts
  • Capacitor reforming for stored/spare units
  • Motor and cable packages available
  • Break down support backed by factory trained technicians


Variable Speed Drive products include:

  • Vacon 10
  • Vacon 100
  • Vacon 100 Flow
  • Vacon 100X
  • Vacon 20
  • Vacon 20 Cold Plate
  • Vacon 20X
  • Vacon NXC and NXC Low Harmonic
  • Vacon NXP Air Cooled
  • Vacon NXP Liquid Cooled AC Drives