IP66 Xtreme Isolator Handle

Heavy Duty 3 position Universal Isolator handle, IP66 Rated, Flame retardant, UV stable, ROHS Compliant

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Xtreme Isolator Handle – 110913

Test Report XT1 Handle

Product Details

The Xtreme Isolator Handle is made from a Polyamide (nylon) material which is UV stabilised for extended outdoor weathering meeting the requirements of UL94. It is also glass reinforced to give it superior tensile strength and is flame retardant. The product also meets ROHS compliance, is certified to IP66 and is mount compatible with HOLEC K3D-K6D & H1-H5.


  • Superior Tensile Strength
  • Easy ON/OFF Identification
  • Handle lockable in OFF position
  • Universal Applications
  • Easy visual Inspection of locking arrangement
  • Ensures Positive engagement of isolator
  • Material is ROHS compliant
  • Extended life in outdoor environments
  • Clevis Kit consists of: 1 Clevis, 1 x 2mm Allen Key, 2 x M4 grub screws, 2ml packet of Vibratite thread lock


  • Glass reinforced material
  • Raised lettering
  • Small to large double sided handle
  • Mount compatible with HOLEC K3D-K6D & H1-H5
  • Accepts standard lockout arrangements
  • Guide to centre any slightly misaligned shafts
  • Certified to IP66
  • Flame Retardant & UV stabilised
  • Clevis Pack supplied