Safe-T-Products (formerly Electric Control Products)

Safe-T-Products is proudly Australian owned and produces, designs and manufactures safety devices for companies that require the use of conveyors. Safe-T-Products are currently undergoing SIL Certification (

Product information, testing, and setup videos can be found here.


Product Details

Safe-T-Products (formerly Electric Control Products) include:

Emergency Stop Devices:

  • Safe-T-Pull
  • Pull-Safe

Protective Stop Devices:

  • Collide-Safe
  • Safe-T-Rip
  • Safe-T-Drift

Other products:

  • Safe-T-Curve
  • Safe-T-Lanyard



Safe-T-Products are compliant with Australian and International safety standards and lanyards are also CE approved, currently undergoing SIL Certification ( Safe-T-Products are Australian made for Australian conditions.