Australian designed & built DC Charger Backup Systems

Battery charger & DC back up power systems

Product Details

Our DC systems are in widespread usage throughout Australia.

  • LV & HV switchboards, switch rooms & Substations
  • Emergency power and lighting systems

Our wide range of DC chargers and power backup systems are found in both commercial and industrial operations, in areas such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Power Transmission
  • Water industry
  • Renewables
  • Communications Infrastructure
  • Hard rock, Coal, rare earth, and mineral Mining
  • Oil & Gas mining and transmission
  • Industrial / Factories / manufacturing

Our DC solutions are scalable, built for maximum service in most efficient package, our engineering team will engage directly with you to solve your specific site requirements.

Powerhouse’s Modular DC power system provides clean DC power to sensitive equipment while simultaneously charging the battery bank, supplying back up power during mains failure.

We are exclusive partners with Rectifier Technologies for the Australia and Pacific region, delivering complete DC system packages.


  • Scalable power range using high density Switchmode Rectifier Modules (SMR)
  • MCSU controller to handle Management, diagnostics, & alarming
  • High Power density 19” rack mount systems
  • Integrated power Distribution
  • Hot swap rectifiers and controller (live system parts replacement)
  • Standalone or parallel operation Parallel capability for N+1 SMR or full System redundancy
  • Supports & manages multiple battery strings
  • High efficiency modules with power saving option
  • Convection cooled (no fan) rectifier option
  • Long autonomy times – weeks
  • Suitable for use with most battery technologie