The demands on modern machines and plants are steadily growing in all industries. With the automation systems from Siemens, you can cover all requirements while benefiting from maximum efficiency, flexibility, and cost effectiveness.

Product Details

  • Siemens S7-1200 CPU: – SIMATIC S7-1200 controllers are the ideal choice when it comes to flexibly and efficiently performing automation tasks in the lower to medium performance range. They feature a comprehensive range of technological functions and integrated communication as well as especially compact and space-saving design. DNP3- and IEC 60870-5-Protocol is supported with the optional CP 1243-1 communications module.
  • Siemens ET200SP – SIMATIC ET 200SP is a highly flexible and scalable I/O system with IP20 degree of protection which can communicate with SIMATIC automation systems (controllers) via PROFINET IO or PROFIBUS DP. Designed for installation in enclosures or control cabinets, it impresses with a particularly compact design, exceptional usability, and outstanding performance. The comprehensive, channel-specific and easy-to-program diagnostics with plain text messages means that faults can be located and eliminated in an extremely short time. DNP3- and IEC 60870-5-Protocol is supported with the optional CP 1542SP‑1 IRC communications module.
  • Siemens S7-1500: Using the SIMATIC S7-1500 controller gives you top performance and built-in viability into the future. You can turn the most sophisticated machine designs into reality thanks to the modular structure of the controller, which provides reliable assistance as you work your way through the digital transformation. DNP3- and IEC 60870-5-Protocol is supported with the optional TIM 1531 IRC communications module.
  • Siemens HMI – SIMATIC HMI Panels – machine-oriented operation made easy. Equipment for monitoring and operator control is needed wherever people have to work with machinery and plant performing all kinds of tasks. SIMATIC HMI Panels are always the first choice when it comes to machine-oriented operation and monitoring because they offer the perfect combination of operator devices and engineering software.
  • Siemens SCADA – With SIMATIC WinCC V7, you choose an innovative, scalable process-visualization system with numerous high-performance functions for monitoring automated processes. Whether in a single-user system or a distributed multi-user system with redundant servers, you will benefit from an open system that offers complete functionality for all industries and for highly complex visualization tasks and for SCADA applications, for example with redundant solutions and vertical integration extending up to plant intelligence solutions. The sytems functionality can be further expanded by employing options and add-ons for WinC V7 or multi-platform SCADA options.
  • Siemens Process Instruments: Measuring everything that matters – Siemens Process Instrumentation offers you innovative, single-source measurement solutions to increase plant efficiency and enhance product quality. Our intelligent instruments are also designed for seamless interplay with the larger world of industrial automation and control systems – enabling greater process transparency and smarter decisions for your business.