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Our products are a part of the nervous system of your industrial system and enable you to design more efficient processes and reduce costs.

Product Details

  • PxC Industrial Ethernet: Managed and Unmanaged Switches with Gigabit, PoE, IEC 61850 certification, and for DIN rail mounting. This gives you the flexibility to build powerful and secure networks, even in harsh environments: copper and FO ports, as well as redundancy functions, enable the flexible networking of your systems and the easy segmentation of your industrial network.
  • Industrial Computers and HMI: HMI panels and industrial PCs – scalable, robust, and reliable – Operate and monitor your system states efficiently with our Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) and industrial PCs (IPCs). Benefit from maximum scalability for the operating concept of your automation solution. Perform demanding control and networking tasks in a straightforward manner with our intelligent industrial PCs. At the same time, the sophisticated visualization software supports fast and safe intervention in machine processes.
  • PxC PLC Controllers: PLCs (controllers) and I/Os – intelligent automation – Find the appropriate PLCs (controllers) and I/Os with IP20 and IP65/IP67 degrees of protection, whether as a system or as a remote I/O station for a wide range of different Ethernet networks. Program in IEC 61131-3 or high-level languages, and ensure your system is secure for the future. For example, with PLCnext Technology you can already implement the latest trends like artificial intelligence or transform sustainable solutions in the solar industry into smart solutions.
  • PxC PSU and UPS:  Mains interruptions can have serious consequences. Do not take any chances, you can rely on our uninterruptible power supply (UPS). A UPS supplies power even in the event of mains failure and protects your system against supply interruptions. We offer UPS solutions for DC and AC applications where the functionality and design are optimally tailored to the requirements of various different industries.
  • PxC Surge Protection: Surge protection refers to the protection of systems and electrical devices against excessively high voltage peaks caused by switching operations and lightning strikes. An effective lightning protection strategy combines internal and external lightning protection. Protect the power supplies, data, and signals in your system. Use the reliable surge protection solutions available in our various product ranges as part of your internal lightning protection strategy.
  • PxC Signal Conditioning: Signal conditioners and measuring transducers ensure interference-free signal transmission in measurement and control technology. From highly compact 6 mm signal conditioners and measuring transducers through signal conditioners with functional safety to signal isolators for intrinsically safe circuits in the Ex area: our signal conditioners and measuring transducers ensure interference-free signal transmission in MCR technology.