Vacon NXC and NXC Low Harmonic – Continuous Control. Pure Power

Vacon NXC is designed to meet the most demanding requirements for flexibility, robustness, compactness and service-friendliness. It is a safe choice for any application and available in the 160 to 2000 kW power range and 380-500 V, 500-690 V voltage range.

Exceptional performance

Our enclosed Vacon NXC variable speed AC drives are compact and well tested to meet harsh operating conditions. They are typically put to work in segments, such as mining, oil & gas, water & wastewater. The reliable thermal handling of the enclosure guarantees extended lifetime of the frequency converter and trouble-free operation in tough environments. approved EMC solutions ensure reliable operation of the converter without disturbing other electrical equipment.


Vacon NXC features an easily accessible control compartment for relays, auxiliary terminals andother equipment and ample space around the power terminals allows for easy installation and connection of power cables. Our trademark handy keypad is located on the door with additional door options including indicators, meters and switches. Bottom plates and earthing claps for 360 degree earthing of motor cables are provided as standard.


Vacon NXC enclosures are easy to install with lifting lugs for easy handling and can be wall-mounted or free-standing. Vacon NXP power units are rail-mounted for easy pull-out, and the optional pull-out jig enables hassle-free servicing of the power unit. no additional cooling fans are required in the enclosure IP21/IP54 and the fans can be easily replaced without having to remove the power unit.


  • Robust and type-tested design
  • Wide range of standard options
  • One of the most compact on the market
  • Welded Rittal TS8 frame
  • EMC approved (EN61800-3, 2nd env.)
  • Service concept with pullout jig
  • No additional fans in IP54 enclosure


  • Trouble free installation and operation
  • Adapts to your needs w/o engineering
  • Easy to fit into small spaces
  • Global enclosure availability, easy to extend
  • Fast service, easy maintenance

Vacon NXC low-harmonic

The Vacon NXC low-harmonic drive is the perfect choice for applications where low- harmonics are required. This drive not only meets the most demanding requirements for clean power but also provides other important benefits such as regenerative braking and voltage boost for maximum output power.

Clean power saves money

The low-harmonic cabinet drive offers an excellent total solution to meet even the most demanding power quality requirements. The drive also complies with the IEEE-519, G5/4 harmonic standards.

The low THDi reduces supply currents and allows supply transformers, protection devices and power cables to be dimensioned according to the actual active power. It creates savings for both new and retrofit projects as there’s no need to invest in expensive 12- or 18-pulse transformers.


  • Clean power with total current harmonics THDi< 5 %
  • Over-dimensioning of power transformer or input cables is not required
  • Regenerative function available
  • Reducing system complexity
  • No need for special 12-pulse transformers
  • Well-suited for retrofit projects
  • Increased flexibility with a widerange of standard options


  • Over-dimensioning of input components is not needed, reducing the total costs
  • Voltage boost function for maximum output power
  • Braking energy can be fed back to network saving energy costs
  • Reduces overall investment costs and optimizes the use of available space
Vacon NXC and NXC Low Harmonic

Vacon NXC and NXC Low Harmonic