Vacon 20 Cold Plate – flexibility in cooling

When the environment is more demanding or there is a cooling media such as liquid already available, the AC drive cooling can also be optimized further. The Vacon 20 Cold Plate shares the control and power topology with the standard Vacon 20 drive, but offers completely new possibilities for creating unique and efficient cooling solutions.

Key benefits

  • Highest cooling flexibility
  • Fast plugging of I/O wiring
  • Custom-made software possible

Technical highlights

  • Cold plate cooling
  • Unique low depth design
  • STO – Safe Torque Off according to SIL2
  • High performance and functionality
  • High ambient temperature rating up to 70°C
  • Induction and PM motor support
  • Integrated brake resistor
  • Status LED’s on drive
  • Expansion slot for I/O or fieldbus
  • Handheld text keypad with copy function
  • Single plug I/O connector for OEMs

Typical applications

  • Textile machinery
  • Hoists and cranes
  • Conveyors in demanding environment
  • Compressors and heat pumps

AC drives are extremely energy efficient products; they do however, still generate some heat. The heat loss can sometimes limit the density of the machine design, especially if mounted in a sealed enclosure simply because there is no air circulation. The Vacon 20 Cold Plate design is based around a flat surface of the drive onto which the majority of the heat losses are concentrated. By attaching this surface to a cooling element, i.e. to the “cold plate”, the cooling of the drive can work even under the most demanding circumstances.

Use any cooling media

As the cooling is done through a clear cooling interface, it is possible to use different cooling media depending on the situation. By attaching the drive to a heat sink with large cooling ribs, a fully passively cooled drive is created. As an alternative, the drive can be mounted on a plate, which is cooled by liquid in order to create a liquid cooled drive solution. Other possible cooling media include different types of refrigerants or metal constructions with a high heat energy conducting mass.

Compact sealed enclosures

If the heat transport from the drive is not handled through air circulation, but through the heat being conducted out of enclosure is no longer a factor that significantly affects the cooling performance. It is thus possible to create and install the drive enclosure in environments with high amounts of dust and moisture. The Vacon 20 has a unique form that is designed to allow slim and flat enclosure solutions that can be highly integrated in the machine construction to be created.

Built-in PLC functionality according to IEC61131-3

The Vacon 20 Cold Plate utilizes the advanced control concept of the Vacon 20 product family, offering full control performance and functionality. It also supports the built-in PLC functionality that allows the creation of application- specific software and solutions.

Vacon 20 Cold Plate

Vacon 20 Cold Plate