Vacon 100 – Simply Superior

It may look like a traditional AC drive – but it’s not. Vacon 100 is bursting with smart new features. Benefit from functional safety with Safe Torque Off, which prevents the motor from generating torque on the motor shaft, Safe Stop 1, and ATEX certified motor over-temperature protection. Vacon 100 also has a unique feature with built-in Ethernet to make integration to plant automation easy and efficient via integrated ModBus TCP, Ethernet I/P or Profinet IO.

Vacon 100 is ideal for a wide range of constant power/torque applications including pumps, fans, compressors and conveyors. These are applications where energy efficiency and productivity improvements often result in a rapid return on project investments.

In addition to several standard features such as built-in I/Os with 3 option slots, integrated RS485 and Ethernet based fieldbus support, varnished boards and robust motor control features for reliability, Vacon 100 also has dedicated features for each of these key applications.

Vacon 100 is available in the power range of 0.55 to 90 kW (0.75 – 125 HP) 230 V and 1.1-160 kW (1.5 – 200HP) 500 V. The wall-mountable drive modules are easy to install and operate, with IP21/UL Type1 provided as standard. Options include IP54/UL Type12 and flange (through hole) mounting. Frame sizes MR8 and MR9 are also available as compact IP00 for easy installation to cabinets or enclosures.

Vacon 100 allows you to do much more than you would expect from a standard drive. At Vacon, we aim to exceed your expectations.


  • Global compatibility
  • Most of what is needed is in-built
  • Easy integration with plant automation
  • Improved safety at work
  • No additional accessories required
  • High reliability in difficult environments, easy and cost effective installation
  • Reduces need for an external controller
  • Fast investment payback, increase profits
  • Easy monitoring of energy savings
  • Reduce noise levels


  • Compliance with global standards
  • Built-in Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU
  • Profinet IO or Ethernet/IP as software option
  • Safe torque off, Safe Stop and ATEX
  • EMC compliance with integrated RFI filter.
  • Integrated DC chokes
  • Conformal coating
  • Compact IP54/ UL Type 12 with same footprint as IP21/UL Type 1
  • Flange mounting
  • Side by side mounting for IP54/ UL Type 12
  • Standard I/0 + 3 free slots
  • Fieldbus options, Built in PLC capability
  • High efficiency >97% + energy optimisation
  • Energy counter
  • Real time clock with calender based functions
  • Optimized control of cooling fan

Typical applications

  • Pumps & fans
  • Compressors
  • Conveyors
  • Chippers, debarking drums, sawmills
  • Steering gear
  • Cargo pumps
  • Distribution
  • Desalination
  • Treatment
Vacon 100

Vacon 100