Designed to suit all UPS applications


  • The unit is connected to the UPS electrical supply system and will indicate “Power On” with a green LED
    indicator. The unit will indicate loss of supply to the UPS (“UPS in emergency mode”) with a synchronised,
    pulsating, audible alarm and a Visual red LED alarm indicator, The UPSSI is equipped with an audio mute
    button (the Audible alarm will continue until muted). The visual alarm (and the audible alarm – if not muted)
    shall continue until the supply is restored to the UPS or the UPS is exhausted.
  • The mute function can be confi gured to “time out” if left unattended.
  • The UPSSI can be provided with an optional relay alarm output voltage free contact (normally open or
    closed on alarm).
  • Upon total loss of the power, the alarm contacts will be in the “Closed Alarm” state
  • Medical Version – Suitable for use in patient Areas per AS3003-2011

Connection Information:


UPS Status Indicators

UPS Status Indicators