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Tilt Switch

Rugged light weight design, engineered in house by R&D Technology to be superior to all competitor products on the market, CPVC body encompassing stainless steel hanger and IP68 glanded entry all backed by 25 years of industry experience in material handling.


Tilt Switch

  • Mercury (Instantaneous trip)
    • XTSI** – 24/240 AC/DC, 1″ BSP socket
  • Snap Action (Non Mercury – with inbuilt time delay)
    • XTSD** – 24/240 AC/DC, 1″ BSP socket

** – refer data sheet for ordering codes

Features & Applications

  • High bin level indication and/or control.
  • Blocked chute detection
  • Plugged conveyor transfer point detection.
  • Plugged chute detection.
  • Crusher bowl level indication and/or control.
  • Conveyor loss of feed indication and/or control.
  • Conveyor belt drift indication and/or alarm.
  • Boom stackers.
  • Radial stackers.

Accessories & options

  • PVC cable – standard fitment on all switches
  • Heavy Duty Cable – 1.0mm Steel wire braided


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