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R&D Technology’s service division provides a complete commissioning, inspection and maintenance service for VACON drives, UPS, Powerhouse DC power systems, Power Factor Correction Unit (PFCU) and conveyor equipment.



Our experienced service technicians have been extensively trained on VACON Drives, UPS, Powerhouse DC Systems & PFCU. Because of this training and years of experience, we are able to service the above either on-site or our workshop, so you can be assured of the same quality and professionalism as you will find throughout the rest of our organisation.

Five Service Experienced Technicians covering the entire East Coast of Australia all led by a Globally recognised award winning Technically brilliant Service Manager.


  • Rapid response to minimise downtime
  • Provision of 24/7 service & support
  • Planned Maintenance Programs
  • Engineer, Install & service
  • On-Site Training
  • UPS Audits

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