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Safe-T-Pull Sign

Highly Reflective emergency stop sign for Conveyor Lanyard Switches & pull wires


The SAFE-T-PULL SIGN is a highly reflective emergency stop sign for conveyor lanyard switches and pull wires. It is manufactured from a high grade 3M reflective product which a has a 10 year guarantee and is mounted to a specially designed mounting bracket which is angled to give the operator a view of the sign at all angles.

The mounting bracket is made from either 1.2mm PGI metal or 1.2mm 304 Stainless Steel. With two 6mm mounting holes the bracket is simple and easy to install on existing or new installations. The angle is also designed so that when mounted as per the Australian Standards AS1755-2000 (every 30m) they can be seen at every 15m point. The Australian Standards AS1755-2000 Clause 2.9.4 (c) state that, Signs shall be provided at each end and every 30m along a conveyor where a pull wire is used e.g. emergency stop.

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