Proudly Australian Made to Suit Australian conditions

A standard pulley is designed mainly for yachts and straight pull situations where the wire/rope is to be pulled around the wheel not on an angle to the wheels groove. When they are pulled at an angle the wire/rope can become dislodged or stuck in the housing as they aren’t designed for that type of application.

The Safe-T-Curve is designed specifically for this type of application, as the roller tube acts as the pulley and the guides keep the wire/rope contained. When the wire/rope is pulled in a direction that is not in line with the pulley roller the guides keep the wire/rope encapsulated so the wire/rope can’t become stuck or dislodged. The long pulley tube stop the wire/rope from becoming stuck or dislodged even if the wire/rope becomes slack. The mounting system is designed so that it is moveable and can mounted to any angled corner or bend, so keeping the wire/rope in the direction that it is intended to go.

The Safe-T-Curve is a product that is designed to be used on any pull wire system that needs the wire/rope to bend around any type of corner with out becoming stuck, snagged or pulls out like a standard pulley may.