Designed to suit all UPS applications


  • Three positions: Normal, Bypass, Bypass & Isolate
  • No downtime. Routine maintenance can be performed during normal hours by simply switching the MBS to the “Bypass” position. The load is then fed directly from mains power while maintenance is safely performed on the UPS.
  • UPS can be completely removed from the circuit simply by switching the MBS to the “Bypass & Isolate” position. The load is then fed directly from mains power and at the same time there is no voltage present at the UPS inputs or outputs so it is safe to work on.
  • Mechanical interlock is standard. This eliminates the possibility of incorrect switching sequences and hence possible damage to the UPS and injury to personnel
  • The MBS is “Make Before Break.” Therefore there will be no power interruption to your load while the MBS is being operated
  • Padlocked option available on request.

Note: All MBS’s can be customised for specifi c customer requirements and specifications.

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10×10, 20×20, 30×30


Blue, Orange, Black

Maintenance Bypass Switch

Maintenance Bypass Switch