• Glass reinforced material
  • Raised lettering
  • Small to large double sided handle
  • Mount compatible with HOLEC K3D-K6D & H1-H5
  • Accepts standard lockout arrangements
  • Guide to centre any slightly misaligned shafts
  • Certified to IP66
  • Flame Retardant & UV stabilised
  • Clevis Pack supplied


  • Superior Tensile Strength
  • Easy ON/OFF Identifi cation
  • Handle lockable in OFF position
  • Universal Applications
  • Easy visual Inspection of locking arrangement
  • Ensures Positive engagement of isolator
  • Material is ROHS compliant
  • Extended life in outdoor environments
  • Clevis Kit consists of: 1 Clevis, 1 x 2mm Allen Key, 2 x M4
  • grub screws, 2ml packet of Vibratite thread lock
IP66 Xtreme Isolator Handle

IP66 Xtreme Isolator Handle