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Insulated Crimp Terminals

Insulated Crimp Terminals


R&D Technology’s range of pre-insulated terminals is comprehensive, and is being developed continually as switchgear, contractors, terminal blocks etc evolve. In more recent years terminals have been getting smaller and we have developed our range of 0.5mm tab thickness quick connectors, increased our range of bootlace pins and introduced the 0.3mm range of terminals to name a few developments. Our terminals are of high quality, having many advanced features for ease of use.

  • High quality product meeting International Standards Long-term electrical integrity
  • A unique funnel entry that speeds wire terminating and increases reliability
  • Full technical backup including QA Approved by government authorities Conforms to UL/cUL Standards
  • All terminals should be crimped onto the connector using an R&D Technology’s crimper or any quality crimper that is designed to crimp the specific terminal type.

If unsure of the terminal/conductor/crimper combination refer to the technical information following and test the nominal pull out force of the crimped connection. If the conductor does not pull out when the nominal pull out force is applied and held for one minute, this will give a good indication of the integrity of the joint. R&D Technology offer a range of crimpers for various applications and terminal types that are shown within this catalogue.

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