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How the CS-P works

The CS-P switch is a tension switch and can only be set and reset when the trip wire has the correct tension applied.

The CS-P switch trip wire kit has options for 1 or 2 tear away adjustable tension couplings. The non-switch coupling has a 75mm adjusting screw to allow the installer to apply the correct tension to the CS-P switch.

When the trip wire is pulled, and disconnects from one or both ends of the CS-P, the switch will trip on either over tension, or under tension, thus signalling the control circuit. Since the CS-P Collide Safe monitors both tension and non-tension it is a fail-safe system.

The trip wire couplings have adjustable tension settings by positioning the tension ring to the appropriate settings. This enables the installer to set a suitable trip point for the pull wire.

CS-P Collide Safe

CS-P Collide Safe