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CS-P Collide Safe – Self Resetting Switch

The CS-P Collide safe is designed as a fail-safe tension trip wire across the top of a conveyor belt


Proudly Australian Made to Suit Australian conditions

The CS-P switch is a IP67 rated Fail Safe Anti Collision Switch. The CS-P switch body is made from High Impact UV Stabilised PBT / PC non corrosive material, which is resistant to splash and spillage of most hydrocarbons, mild acids and strong alkali. All external steel fittings are 316 Stainless Steel. The is activated by pulling the Wire Rope in any direction or the Wire being cut or removed. The Wire Rope can be up to 50m long, depending on the application.

The Micro switches fitted are S.P.D.T. switches either Positive Break or Snap Action. The CS-P can be used as an over height switch for vehicles, trains or used on a Stacker/Reclaimer so the operator is alerted that the structure is going to hit the stock pile. The CS-P comes with different Socket Assemblies for different applications.

Anti-Collision Switch, man on belt

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