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ATLOK Series

Tongue operated solenoid controlled safety gate switch


The ATLOK has a heavy duty tongue and head where the tongue allows a +/- 12mm misalignment. The tongue and head unit can rotate in 90° increments. The handle can also be turned through 360° in 45° increments. It features a key operated auxiliary release, in the event of a power failure. Suitable for both sliding and hinged door applications the amLok is tted with a shear pin to protect both machinery and personnel.

When the machinery is in operation the handle is trapped in the ATLOK unit. The access door is locked closed. A solenoid controlled mechanism prevents the handle from being released. To open the guard door an operator must rst select stop on the machine control panel. Only when the machine has completed its run down cycle will the solenoid be energised. At this point a yellow light on the unit indicates that the tongue actuator can be released.

When removed, a red light is illuminates indicating that access has been granted.

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