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DC Power Systems (Battery Chargers)

DC Power Systems | Inverters, Static Switches and Converters

R&D Technology are specialists in DC power system technology.

We supply Powerhouse Phase Control DC systems engineered to provide a safe supply of power for LV & HV switchboards, DC substations, emergency power and lighting systems. Our products come in a range of sizes, voltage capacities, and phase inputs to suit any commercial or industrial application.

From hospitals to airports, mining and petrochemical industries – we provide scalable, cost-effective and reliable DC power systems to suit your budget and energy needs.

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Modular DC Systems

Improve the efficiency of your workplace with a digitally controlled and intelligent power module.

The Powerhouse Modular DC power system provides clean DC power for sensitive equipment. During a mains failure, it charges the battery bank and supplies backup power to maintain a safe and productive work environment.

By monitoring and controlling the system while communicating with an external PC or network, the Modular DC power system keeps you informed on equipment status so you can identify issues before they become a hazard.

  • Easy to use digital control interface
  • Universal input voltage
  • Built-in emergency battery protection system
  • Measure, monitor and control voltage supplies and much more on-the-fly

Modular Inverters and Static Switches

At R&D Technology, our modular inverters offer a clean supply of continuous input DC current.

The Model IPU1000 comes in single and three phase static switch models to suit any application. The clean, user-friendly LED coloured indicators lets you monitor equipment status. The load protection and audible alarm also prevents sudden failures and illegal bypass voltages from causing serious harm or damaging equipment.

  • Automatic static switch to increase reliability and overload capacity
  • Zero time load transfer from inverters to bypass and vice-versa
  • User-friendly LED coloured indicators
  • Load protection and audible alarms

DC/DC Coverters

The 48/24 600W Modules can accurately convert a nominal 48v into 24v at the output phase. With the option to parallel other similar modules, you gain more power and redundant operation to improve operational efficiency.

Installation and Maintenance

R&D Technology is made up of qualified technicians who can install, maintain and repair onsite.

We can setup your DC power system according to spec and configured based on your application. Do you need help with using the device? One of our technicians with show you the many functions and options for each device.

Contact Us

For all enquiries about our DC power systems and other products, please call +61 2 4014 9000 or leave a message to get free advice from an R&D technology team member.

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