R&D Technology deliver specialised engineering solutions, including DC power systems and power conditioner batteries, to a range of commercial and industrial businesses, from hospitals relying on consistent electricity to save lives to mining ventures charged with acquiring essential resources. Our Powerhouse Phase Control DC systems are engineered to provide a safe supply of power for LV&HV switchboards, DC substations, emergency power and lighting systems. Reach out today and learn more about our range of sizes, voltage capacities and phase inputs – we have a DC power distribution system to suit your needs.

Why R&D Technology?

We take care of our customers at R&D Technology. Speak to one of qualified technicians about the finer points, functions and options of your new DC power system or VRLA power conditioner batteries following fast installation.

Once delivered and installed, we setup your DC power system according to spec, configured to meet your business needs from day one. We believe onsite training, in addition to planned maintenance, increases the longevity of your device, so if you need help using the device, our technicians are always on hand. Should something go wrong, our qualified team is always on hand to help you get back on track, offering 24/7 support to minimise the impact of unpredictable and scheduled downtime.

R&D Technology Service Guarantee:

  • Quality, customer-centred service
  • Reliable brands and custom DC Power System design
  • Compliant products backed by Australian standards
  • Electrical engineering products that solve problems
  • In-house product specialists

Our power systems, conditioners and batteries around found the following commercial and industrial workplaces across the country:

  • Hospitals
  • Airports
  • Utilities
  • Communications
  • Mining
  • Petrochemical industries.

Power systems are also known as phase control DC systems, modular DC systems, modular inverters, modular static switches, modular DC/DC converters and DC UPS.

Modular DC Systems

Improve workplace efficiency with a Powerhouse Modular DC power system. This digitally controlled power module delivers clean DC power to sensitive equipment, supplying DC battery power in the event of a mains failure, while maintaining a safe and productive work environment. Our modular power systems communicate with an external PC or network, making monitoring easy so you can identify issues before they become a hazard.

Features include:

  • An easy to use digital control interface
  • Universal input voltage
  • Built-in emergency battery protection system
  • Measure, monitor and control voltage supplies and much more on-the-fly
  • Installation and maintenance options – improve the performance of your device with regular performance checks
  • The delivery of clean DC power to sensitive equipment while simultaneously charging the battery bank.

The 1UDC+ contains a 19” 1U subrack that can house up to 3 hot-plugged rectifiers, or 2 rectifiers & controller and an ELVD device.

Max system capacity: up to 13 subrack (38 rectifiers + controller), 1266A with height of 13U
Basic shelf: 1U DC + type II – includes a 19” 1U shelf (subrack) with up to 3 rectifiers
Electronic Shelf: 1U DC+ type I – includes a 19” 3U shelf with up to 2 rectifiers + SC 1UDC + controller and an electronic ELVD device

Modular Inverters and Static Switches

At R&D Technology, our modular inverters deliver a clean, continuous supply of DC current. The Model IPU1000 comes in a single or three phase static switch model with easy monitoring in mind – check equipment status quickly with user-friendly coloured LED indicators. Load protection and an audible alarm also prevent sudden failures, minimising the serious harm caused by illegal bypass voltages. Our equipment is poised to protect itself and your people.

Features include:

Inverter Systems

  • Automatic static switch to increase reliability and overload capacity
  • Zero time load transfer from inverters to bypass and vice-versa
  • User-friendly LED coloured indicators
  • Load protection and audible alarms
  • Up to 30 units in parallel, 30kVA
  • Employs high frequency PWM technology
  • A microprocessor controls all diagnostics and operation
  • Power density (2kVA in 1U 19” shelf;
  • 1kVA in 1U 9.5” cabinet) Lightweight
  • Standalone or parallel operation Parallel capability for N+1 redundancy
  • High efficiency
  • Continuous input DC current
  • Optional: bypass (for standalone operation)

Static Switches

  • Automatic static switch to increase reliability and overload capability
  • Zero-time load transfer from inverters to bypass and vice-versa
  • Clear, user-friendly coloured LED indicators on the static switch panel
  • Audible alarm if failure detected or load on bypass
  • Protect load against illegal bypass voltages

DC Convertors

Improve operational efficiency with a DC converter. The 48/24 600w Modules accurately convert a nominal 48v into 24v during output, delivering more power while eliminating redundancies without missing a beat. The unit also comes with an option to parallel several similar modules to further tackle power redundancies (N+1) and boost performance – ask our experienced team of technicians for more information.

Our products solve problems

At R&D Technology, we take responsibility for every product that leaves our warehouse floor. Get in touch today and speak to our team of specialist technicians about your needs.

We listen, deliver, install and service.

DC Power Systems

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