Power Conditioning

R&D Technology supply power conditioning systems to commercial and industrial firms seeking a specialised and safe product without significant delays. Our industrial power conditioning systems are designed to correct, manage and deliver a safe supply of DC and AC electricity in any environment, ensuring your business remains compliant with current Australian standard voltage requirements. Protect your bottom line while safeguarding the wellbeing of your workforce with R&D Technology.

Why R&D Technology?

What makes us different?

Some companies supply AC solutions, some companies supply DC solutions, we can do both! Furthermore, we design from scratch a system that suits your applications or if you have a design we can work to that specification too.

We take FULL responsibility from concept to whole of life care – what does that mean? We engineer, design, manufacture then deliver, commission and finally take care of the ongoing maintenance, ALL done in house without the use of subcontractors!

R&D Technology is committed to more than quality products – we care about your outcomes, we care about your business and we’re driven by delivering the best specialised engineering service in Australia.

From the moment you get in touch, our team of R&D technicians and engineers will keep your business operating smoothly, providing reliable technical support, onsite repairs and breakdown protection.

We Offer:

  • Fast 24/7 response times to reduce business downtime.
  • Repairs and replacements.
  • Electrical hazard risk assessment and reporting.
  • Power loss protection and emergency power restoration.

Australian Built DC Power Systems

  • Clear and easy to use coloured LED panels or LED display
  • Audible alarms
  • Flexible design options
  • Changeover relay alarm point monitoring
  • Single or 3 phase input options
  • 5A -> 1000A current options
  • 12V 24 32 48 110 220 400 dc power options
  • Built in Newcastle, Australia

Switch Mode Modular DC Systems

  • Integrated DC distribution and hot swappable switch mode rectifiers (SMRs) for systems redundancy and flexibility.
  • High current rating, achieved through multiples of SMRs
  • Ease of redundancy through modular design N+1, 2 etc
  • Expandable system design
  • TCP-Modbus & SNMP communication
  • Warning and alarm logging
  • Voltage controlled current limiting SMR technology
  • Web browser interface
  • Space saving high density battery cabinets

SCR Phase Control DC Systems

  • Robust, simple and easy to use
  • Panel indication of alarms
  • Analogue metres for clear system status

Customised Solutions

R&D Technology embrace every opportunity to make the working lives of our clients easier, delivering world-class insight and engineering ability to create a range of customised solutions beyond DC power system design. We also specialise in the supply of:

  • AC inverters
  • High density expanded battery banks
  • Load banks
  • Voltage droppers
  • Bypass Switches
  • Low voltage disconnect
  • Black start


Our range of batteries include Valve Regulated Lead Acid VRLA in either Absorbed Glass Mat AGM or GEL. For higher performance and longer life, we offer Lithium LiFep04.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Sudden power loss can cost your business a fortune, undermine your reputation and put the safety of many at risk. R&D Technology provides reliable backup solutions, keeping the lights on, the machines running and any resulting downtime to a minimum. Our devices can minimise fluctuations in input voltage to prevent overloading, indicating status changes with clear, audible alarms.

We offer the following UPS services:

  • Solution engineering packages
  • Commissioning
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Industry leading factory warranties

Power Factor Correction Units (PFCU)

R&D Technology address power factor correction problems and solutions by ensuring your power usage is absolute. Services and features include:

  • Low voltage units (available up to 690V)
  • Site audits and power saving calculations available to determine payback time
  • Conventional or dynamic correction


R&D Technology are proud to deliver the best power systems products and services across Australia. Our experienced team of specialists listen to your needs, identifying the correct solution and providing maximum support for minimum downtime. Reach out today and talk us through what we can do for you.

We Listen. We Deliver. We Take Responsibility.

Power Conditioning

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