R&D technology is the leading manufacturer of specialised engineering products, including motor isolators and handles. After 20 plus years listening to what our customers want and need, we’ve designed a motor isolator with Australian conditions in mind. Unlike other IP66 rated motor isolators, the Xtreme Series Sloped Roof Visual Isolator has earned the IP66 for the entire unit, not just the enclosure. Engineered for light, moderate and heavy-duty applications, our isolator types offer improved control and efficiency, driving customer demand and maintaining user safety.

Our range of isolators and isolator handles are made from 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel with an optional Zincalume coating for maximum durability. Workplace ready, our isolators are dust and waterproof, ideal for demanding indoor conditions and harsh outdoor worksites.

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Why R&D Technology?

R&D Technology supply a range of reliable engineering solutions to new and existing plants, mines and businesses across Australia. Our motor isolators and isolator handles are an ideal fit for a variety of industrial environments, including mining, manufacturing, ship-building and shipping yards, water and sewage plants, and many more.

When it comes to the safety of your team, no electrical engineering business cares more than R&D – our trained technicians are dedicated to delivering products that solve problems instead of covering them up. We listen to what you want, what you need and then identify how we can improve the operational outcomes of your business.

Why Choose R&D Technology Motor Isolators and Handles

  • Certified IP66 rating for the entire isolator
  • Lasting performance in indoor and outdoor conditions
  • Suitable for light, moderate and heavy-duty applications
  • Easy to install
  • Technical support from licensed R&D Technology technicians

Motor Isolators

R&D Technology have created a IP66 certified unit – most isolators on the market today only have a certified enclosure.The XT3 Xtreme Series IP66 sloped Roof visual isolator has been developed to withstand the most physically challenging climates and applications. Packed with features, we believe our motor isolators represent R&D’s commitment to quality and safety – features include:

  • 160A to 1250A ratings
  • 3 position safety handle
  • Ensures positive engagement of isolator
  • Easy visual inspection of contact position
  • Extended life in outdoor environments

Isolator Handles

The latest universal isolator handles offer easy access and grip support for any standard motor isolator.The IP66 rating ensures maximum durability in the toughest conditions. Protected by flame retardation and UV stabilisation, the handle provides safe access in any environment.

  • Raised lettering
  • Small to large double-sided handles
  • Accepts standard lockout arrangements
  • Clevis pack supplied

Upgrade, Install and Maintain with R&D Technology

R&D Technology makes it easy to perform a fresh installation or upgrade your existing motor isolator. Our experienced technicians perform onsite installations and maintenance to ensure the isolator is boosting the efficiency of your motor-drive system. We consult staff and plant owners to understand their specific needs and provide a tailored solution.

Need help with operating the isolator? One of our qualified technicians will show you how to setup and adjust your isolator.

Our products solve problems

At R&D Technology, we take responsibility for every product that leaves our warehouse floor. Get in touch today and speak to our team of specialist technicians about your needs.

We listen, deliver, install and service

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