Tilt Switches

When it comes to determining orientation or inclination, you want a tilt switch that stands up to the challenge. R&D Technology is an Australian owned and operated specialist engineering firm, dedicated to producing market-defining products to a range of industries and businesses down the eastern seaboard.

Our trained technicians develop instruments and applications on-site, including tilt switch sensors and tilt switch modules, ensuring your team has access to superior tools from the outset. Small, low-power and easy-to-use, too many tilt switches break or fail under the pressure – it may be small, but the importance of a mining tilt switch for example cannot be overstated.

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Why R&D Technology?

When it comes to market difference, we’re not challengers – our team are leaders. We attract the sharpest minds in design and mechanical engineering to create solutions that last longer, run smoother and secure the businesses of our clients. We know every piece of machinery in your factory, on-site or within your building is important, and monitoring that equipment requires specialist knowledge. Harness 25 years of experience for yourself and get in touch with one of our technicians today to discuss your hazardous tilt issues or to ask a question about our snap action tilt offerings.

Applications of Tilt Switches

R&D Technology recognise that tilt switches are essential tools in a range of activities. While this list may not be exhaustive, our design is especially suited for the activities recorded below. It’s been tried, tested and tested again, ensuring our commitment to the highest quality products and services stays true, even with the smallest tool.

Features and applications include:

  • High bin level indication and/or control.
  • Blocked chute detection
  • Plugged conveyor transfer point detection.
  • Plugged chute detection.
  • Crusher bowl level indication and/or control.
  • Conveyor loss of feed indication and/or control.
  • Conveyor belt drift indication and/or alarm.
  • Boom stackers.
  • Radial stackers.


R&D Tilt Switches

R&D Technology presents a rugged, light-weight mechanical tilt switch, made in-house by award-winning design engineers to be superior to all competitor products currently and not yet available on the market. Composed of a CPVC body encompassing stainless steel hanger and IP68 glanded entry, all backed by 25 years of industry experience in material handling.

  • Mercury Tilt (Instantaneous trip)
    • XTSI** – 24/240 AC/DC, 1″ BSP socket
  • Snap Action Tilt (Non Mercury – with inbuilt time delay)
    • XTSD** – 24/240 AC/DC, 1″ BSP socket

** – refer data sheet for ordering codes


At R&D Technology, our experienced team of specialists listen to your needs, identifying the correct solution and providing maximum support for minimum downtime. Reach out today and talk us through what we can do for you.


We Listen. We Deliver. We Take Responsibility.

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Tilt Switches

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