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Conveyor Products

Conveyor Belt Products

Proudly Australian-Made

R&D Technology supply a wide range of conveyor products for light, moderate and heavy-duty applications.

Our products are Australian-made and suitable for any environmental conditions. All conveyor equipment is engineered to improve the safety, productivity and efficiency of manual and automated handling tasks in the industrial sector.

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Improved Handling and Safety

For improved worksite safety and monitoring, we supply a range of emergency stop systems, high visibility labels and conveyor rollers. We also supply multi-function sounders and strobes in DC & AC type standard voltages with 32 different sound signals.

From pull wire switches to limit switches, safe t-curves and lanyard wire supports; our products give team members the freedom to control, modify and adjust manual handling tasks with maximum efficiency.

Lasting Performance

Keep maintenance costs down and reduce downtime with reliable and long-lasting conveyor belt equipment.

Suitable for all environmental conditions, our products non-corrosive, flame retardant and UV stable. Safety switches are secured in IP67 plastic enclosures while clamping wedges provide full grip support for cables used in pull wire emergency stops.

Easy to Install

Installing and upgrading your conveyor equipment is easy with a flexible electrical control system.

Each conveyor product meets Australian Industry Standards for utmost peace of mind. They can be integrated with new and existing conveyor belt systems of any size, width and speed including systems with sharp inclines or declines.

Our highly qualified engineering team can visit your worksite and install the new equipment quickly, easily and based on your exact specifications.

Maintenance and Support

R&D Technology is made up of qualified technicians who offer remote and on-site support.

As a leading manufacturer and distributer of electrical engineering and mechanical products, we provide support for new and existing plants across Australia.

Our maintenance service aims to reduce the risk of mechanical faults, while improving operational efficiency and safety in the workplace. We also give plant owners expert advice on how to maintain the quality and efficiency of their conveyor belt systems.

No matter how big or small your electrical or mechanical fault, R&D technology offer technical support for any situation.

Why Choose R&D Technology Conveyor Belt Equipment

  • Comprehensive range of conveyor equipment
  • Suitable for light, moderate and heavy-duty applications
  • Easy to install for new and existing conveyor systems
  • Made for Australian conditions
  • Ongoing maintenance support

Contact Us

For all enquiries about our conveyor products, please call our Newcastle office +61 2 4014 9000 or Brisbane office +61 7 3846 2644 or leave a message to get a quick response from us.

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