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Material Handling

Material Handling

R&D Technology is a leading supplier of material handling products and components across a broad range of industries.

To meet the demand of various markets, we provide compliant and robust products to ensure the safe delivery of different materials across different environments.

Our products are made to suit the varied conditions of the Australian workforce.

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Fully Certified

All convey components and material handling products are sourced from reputable suppliers. We supply only the best material handling products designed for long lasting performance and reliability.

From coal mining to manufacturing, wineries & breweries, and treatment plants – we ensure your handling of materials is safer and more productive.

Conveyor Products

R&D Technology supply conveyor products for different conveyor systems across a broad range of industries.

Many convey products are made from galvanised steel, non-corrosive plastic, and High Impact UV Stabilised PBT/PC non-corrosive material. So they last for longer and require no cleaning or maintenance.

All conveyor products are made to suit Australian conditions.

  • Insulated Cable Clamping
  • Belt Misalignment Switch
  • Self-Resetting Switches
  • Emergency Stop Pullwire Labels
  • Lanyard Wire Support
  • Multi-Function Sounders and Strobes
  • Pull-Safes
  • And much more…

Leveltec Tilt Switches

R&D Technology supply tilt switches designed to respond to tilt, over temperature, and other changes in the operation of static machinery.

Each component is designed to respond to different changes of state. The most common responses are the signalling an audible alarm, a visual signal, or switching on/off the connected device.

Our range of mercury, ball bearing and thermo tilt switches meet Australian Standards. They are compliant for use different environments, particularly environments where oxidization of the contact points is a risk.

  • Easy to install and integrate with static machinery
  • Mercury-free tilt switches for use in hazardous environments
  • Ideal for detecting changes in motion, orientation and temperature
  • Quiet operation, with very low or no clicking noises

Safety Components

R&D Technology supply safety components designed to minimise the risk of injury in the workplace.

Our fail-safe tension trip wires respond to over and under tension. This trips the circuit and brings the conveyor to an immediate halt. The tension can be adjusted to prevent unwanted stoppages from occurring.

For emergency situations, the Multi-Function Sounders and Strobes produce clearly audible sound signals and stage alarms.

Any Questions?

Contact us for more information about our material handling products and accessories. Our team will be happy to assist you.

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