Conveyor Belt Products

R&D Technology supply a wide range of conveyor products and material handling equipment to businesses operating from within food and beverage to heavy industry sectors. Our conveyor equipment solutions are 100 % Australian-made and suitable for any environmental conditions, engineered to improve safety, productivity and efficiency across a range of conveying tasks.

Why Choose R&D Technology Material Handling Products

  •         Comprehensive range of conveyor equipment
  •         Suitable for light, moderate and heavy-duty applications
  •         Easy to install for new and existing conveyor systems
  •         100% Made in Australia for Australian conditions
  •         Ongoing maintenance support

Conveyor Components

Fully Certified

We supply only the very best certified material handling products designed for long lasting performance and reliability in all conditions and applications from your typical surface operations requiring market-leading IP ratings to adhering to relevant Australian and International standards for Intrinsically safe and Dust Ignition Proof areas. From coal mining to manufacturing, food and beverage to treatment plants – we ensure your handling of materials is safer and more productive in any atmosphere.

Tilt Switches

Guarantee the safety of your people and monitor your production with a Tilt Switch from R&D Technology. Manufactured in house, IP66/68 available in instant or built-in time delayed tripping options and a hard wearing earthed CPVC body with options of PVC or stainless-steel braided cable. Certified Ex ia switch is also available.

Pull Wire Switch

Shutdown your conveyors quickly and safely with confidence. R&D Technology pull wire switches come in high impact PBT/PC or stainless-steel construction, with all external parts 316 stainless-steel, IP67, maximum 4 n/o + 4 n/c contacts. Installation kit available separately. 

Emergency Stop Pull Wire Labels

Keep your people safe by labelling pull wires correctly – remember, emergency stop pull wire labels are an essential requirement where a pull wire is in use. We have an array of options available, each meeting Australian Standards AS 4024. Contact us for more information or explore our range online. 

Belt Tear Detector

Our heavy-duty Belt Rip Detector is magnetically or mechanically operated, utilising the inherent reliability of Reed Switches or Micro Switches to detect any anomalies from a belt tear. Catch the rip before your entire belt collapses whilst improving safety and maximising uptime. 

Pull Wire Rope

A UV stable red polyurethane-coated lanyard in a choice of 304 stainless steel wire or liquid crystal polymer rope, designed to comply with the Machinery Standards AS 4024.1604-2006 Clause 5.4.6 Actuator Colour. The actuator of the emergency stop device shall be RED. Make sure your site is compliant by Australian standards and reach out to our experienced sales technicians today. 

Lanyard Wire Support

(LWS) A unique shape allows lanyard wire to be clipped into the self lubricating wire carrier. Once installed, the wire cannot be removed without intentional intervention of maintenance staff. Impact modified polymer (UV stabilised and anti-static) with 10mm threaded rod galvanised, 304 or 316 stainless steel. Suitable for cable of up to 13mm nominal diameter to be installed. 

Cable Clamping Wedge

The insulated cable clamping wedge has been engineer designed to grip and support cable used as the pull wire emergency stop on conveyor in conjunction with the LWS wire support.  The clamp also provides great strain relief in many applications across diverse industries. 

Belt Misalignment Switch

Prevent your belts running out of line and keep your equipment damage-free with a belt misalignment switch. Choose between a non-metal or stainless-steel construction, with all external parts 316 stainless steel, IP67, maximum 4 microswitches, alarm and trip.

R&D Technology Material Handling Conveyor Equipment: Explore the Benefits

Improved Material Handling and Safety

Our emergency stop systems, high visibility labels and conveyor components improve worksite safety and monitoring, giving team members the freedom to control, modify and adjust manual handling tasks with maximum efficiency. 

Built to Last

Minimise maintenance costs and reduce the likelihood of extended downtime with reliable and resilient conveyor equipment. Designed and manufactured to withstand the toughest Australian conditions with maximum temperature fluctuations, our products are non-corrosive, flame retardant and UV stable.

Easy to Install

Installing and upgrading your conveyor equipment is easy with a flexible electrical control system. Each conveyor product meets Australian Industry Standards for utmost peace of mind. They can be integrated with new and existing conveyor systems of any size, width and speed including systems with sharp inclines or declines. Our highly qualified engineering team can visit your worksite to assess and provide a solution based on your exact specifications and safety needs.

Maintenance and Support

Our team of experienced engineers and technicians offer 24/7 remote and on-site support to every client, minimising operational downtime and ensuring the safety of your team.

R&D doesn’t just deliver rigorously tested conveyor products and solutions, we walk the walk, guaranteeing a rapid response from first contact right through to installation support.

R&D Technology brings you safe, efficient solutions for over 25 years. Reach out to our team today and change the way your business operates.

We Listen. We Deliver. We Take Responsibility.

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