Trapped Key Interlocks

R&D Technology offers the highest quality trapped key interlock products, delivering the Fortress Interlocks. Also termed key transfer interlocking, trapped key interlocking and castell locks, is the preferred control and guarding protection lock anywhere where the possibility of live access is available, utilising climate-resistant mechanical devices to ensure protective guards remained closed forcing positive and safe interaction with your equipment.

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How do Trapped Key Interlocks Work?

Trapped Key Interlocks get their name from a series of keys that are released in a pre-designated sequence to protect both people and equipment from hazardous output or situations. You’ll find a trapped key interlock system in most industries where critical but sensitive energy sources need to be isolated before a technician can use or maintain certain pieces of machinery. Trapped key interlock switches and supporting components resolve a number of safety issues presented by electrical interlocking products in highly dusty, wet or corrosive environments.

Key Benefits

Minimise downtime, staff accidents and equipment failure with Trapped Key Interlocks from R&D Technology. Following our own engineered design, our experienced technicians will show your team how to use your new system addition. Key benefits of Trapped Key Interlocks include:

  • Robust and simple to use
  • No field wiring, programming and impervious to challenging conditions, including water and dust
  • Ideal for low-frequency-of-access applications
  • Expandable and perfect for a range of systems, from small to large including site upgrades
  • Designed to meet your requirements, including lockout mechanisms
  • Cost effective compared to the expense of repeated issues


Safety Features

Trapped Key Interlocks are a symbol of safety and security in countless factory and industrial workplaces. R&D Technology encourage every client to explore the application for three core reasons, including:

  • Keys only release when it is safe to do so – any hazards are isolated and managed, ensuring field technicians and operational staff remain safe. Remember, keys cannot be in two places at once.
  • Trapped key interlocks operate where electrical components cannot, eliminating the risk of explosive hazards, electrical incidents and dust build-up.
  • Each device is supplied with a unique code, guarding your business, your people and your assets against tampering.

Trapped Key Interlocks

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