Systems Integration

R&D Technology’s multi-disciplinary control systems integration team deliver site-ready innovations to a range of clients, including water and wastewater management firms, mining, manufacturing and the food and beverage sectors. We guarantee every product and solution represents R&D Technology’s enduring passion for customer-centric results, from conceptual systems designs to commissioning, followed by ongoing support and specialised maintenance plans.

SCADA Engineering

Our SCADA solutions are an essential component of an comprehensive control system, utility mine or factory, helping decision makers frame relevant data accurately while controlling operational processes from on-site and remote locations. Monitor, analyse and act on real-time data, assessing the performance, statuses and power efficiencies pumps, motors, sensors, valves and more through easy-to-use custom SCADA interface. Find out more about our SCADA solutions today and transform the way your business manages process control.

PLC Engineering

Automate your process effectively with our PLC solutions, ensuring each device is running smoothly and performing to its full potential. PLCs offer flexible control for all industries, saving you money by automating your machines or process, smartly done PLC can condition monitor the assets on the production line, letting you know that maintenance is required a failure is imminent. Continuously monitor operational information in real-time while making process control changes, adjustments or replications, transferring important information through a specialised industrial control system.

Telemetry Engineering

R&D Technology offer a range of custom telemetry solutions, helping businesses, councils and utilities improve asset monitoring, control and performance, while saving our clients from the unnecessary expense of extended downtime and increase operator and technician efficiency by reducing site visits. Using remote technology products, customers can keep an eye on critical assets from wherever they are, recording essential operational data securely without deploying a specialist. Empower your team to respond to system issues with speed from a remote location and find out more about our telemetry systems.

DCS Engineering

Guarantee the reliability of your control systems with DCS installations. R&D Technology understands the impact of processor and equipment failure – unplanned downtime, productivity loss and a lagging bottom line, DCS systems ensure any failures are contained to one section of the operational line, preventing a business-wide incident. Find out more about our DCS solutions and speak to one of our factory trained technicians today.

IOT Engineering

R&D Technology’s IOT solutions offer decision makers a robust avenue toward greater innovation, delivering insights and interconnectivity across a range of products and systems. Discover how communication technologies are changing the way national and local businesses operate, following your essential systems through their entire performance lifecycle.

Automation Engineering Services

New Systems:

From design to final sites acceptance testing (SAT), we will be there for every step  – conceptual control systems design, control systems design documentation PEFDS (Plain English Functional Design Specification), control systems network and communications architecture design, product selection, device level communication network design, control systems electrical drafting, software development and configuration (radio, network devices, modem, RTU, PLC, HMI, SCADA, etc.).

Systems Upgrades:

Most automation hardware and software will stand the test of time; however, they get harder and harder to support due to end-of-life of base operating systems (i.e. Windows), availability of spares and knowledge. Without realising these assets, that have been working for many years, become obsolete and are a great risk to operations with possible large downtime. R&D Technology has upgraded multiple telemetry systems, SCADA systems, HMIs and legacy PLC racks of many brands and manufacturers to a variety of new hardware platforms, giving the end user the confidence in new supported software and hardware, and the availability of spares.

Control Enclosures:

Whether it be a PLC control, telemetry or a pump control board our automation, workshop and technician teams have the ability and experience to design, build, test, install and commission your new control board.

Industrial DATA Radios:

We offer a wealth of experience in both analog and digital radios systems for SCADA, backhaul and remote automation. From license application (ACMA), network & topology design (Ethernet IP schema’s and network routing design), site installation (RF antenna, coaxial cable and radio) through to SCADA radio diagnostics mimics, systems maintenance and fault finding.

Consultancy & Other Engineering:

R&D Technology understand that time is valuable and that some end users don’t have time nor the control systems experience, we can act as a client’s project representative to ensure Australian Standards, the clients standards and best practices are maintained.

We offer Control and telemetry systems auditing. Investigating and identifying potential shortfalls and risks that may lead to a loss of production, harm to personel or the environment.

Our engineers have the experience to draft new or modify CAD electrical drawings to customer specific specifications.

We provide our clients piece of mind with our first class 24 hour support and maintenance services. For smaller end users we have a range of engineering hour packages, for larger end users a support contract can be customised to include other services, such as site maintenance visits or site audits.

We take great pride in operating in many industries, this gives us the experience to implement new and better ideas across industries.

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Systems Integration