R&D Technology are passionate about the integrity, security and longevity of your essential systems and equipment. Our range of industrial and electrical enclosures guard these sensitive components against potentially harmful or corrosive elements, including dirt, dust, water and moisture, preventing expensive or catastrophic damage from occurring. We also offer full panel fit out to your specifications, talk to our engineering team today.

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R&D Technology have developed in house a range of products such as bypass switches, visual break isolators, telephone junction boxes and HMI monitoring panels and the likes utilising our IP rated enclosures, built to last in Australia’s challenging climate, from salted air of local coastlines to the arid atmosphere of the desert. Our custom electrical enclosures can be designed and manufactured according to your operational needs, utilising metal, stainless steel and polyester to create flexible solutions for every industry.

Types of Enclosures

  • Floor Standing: Free standing enclosures are ideal for storing larger electrical products and components, often including multiple racks and large doors for quick access.
  • Hand-held: Perfect for small devices, batteries or an accessible toolbox. Speak to our technicians about modular options for streamlined storage.
  • Wall-mounted: Short on space? Wall-mount electrical enclosures make the most out of small room and narrow cavities, ensuring your assets are covered without crowding limited floor-space.

What do Enclosure IP Ratings Mean?

Ingress Protection ratings indicate the defensive capabilities of an electrical enclosure. You’ll notice IP ratings include two digits – the first represents the efficacy of the structure when it comes to isolating the contents against intruding elements, while the second reflects the protective power of the enclosure against condensation and water.

Metal Enclosures

Protect your electrical infrastructure in wet areas with a custom metal enclosure. Contact us today and order a terminal box, free-standing enclosure or wall-mounted enclosure to be manufactured onsite in our warehouse by trained technicians.



1.5mm sheet steel

Powder coated RAL 7032

Stainless Steel Enclosures

Stainless steel electrical enclosures are ideal for workplaces and sites that require an allrounder. Rust resistant, weather-resistant, and non-porous, stainless steel enclosures suit a broad range of environments.


Wall-mounted 304 stainless steel (IP65)

316 stainless steel (IP66, IP67)

Available in a choice of standard or sloping roof, terminal boxes and visual isolators.

Polyester Enclosures

Lightweight and resilient, R&D Technology recommend our polyester enclosure range to clients in scorching climates, protecting junction circuits from spiking temperatures, while delivering an easy install solution to the customer. Uncertain about installing your new enclosure? Our team are on stand-by to give you a hand, providing end-to-end qualified service and insight on every job.



Wall-mount, pedestal or modular

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At R&D Technology, we take responsibility for every product that leaves our warehouse floor. Get in touch today and speak to our team of specialist technicians about your needs.

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