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Leading Manufacturer & distributor of specialised electrical engineering and mechanical products

Acquired in 2005

Powerhouse Systems is an R&D subsidiary who specialise in the manufacture of AC and DC power protection systems. Since 2005, we’ve refined our product range to reflect the needs of an ever-changing workplace, manufacturing both standard and custom power systems that meet the unique requirements of our clients whilst adhering to relevant standards in their respective industry. Through research, skill and retaining the right people, our specialist team are at the forefront of power conditioning refinement, keeping your machinery running while improving efficiencies into the future.

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Powerhouse Systems DC Power Systems keep the lights on and machinery running in often the most difficult of circumstances. Our DC power systems deliver a safe supply of power to a range of businesses, from mining sites to medical clinics, powering switchboards, DC substations, emergency power and lighting and switch tripping. Every DC power system is compliant with Australian standards, including a 20-year design life to make sure you can work with confidence. Powerhouse Systems also distribute reputable AC UPS’s, with our own service division you can be sure your AC and DC systems are maintained to keep your critical equipment operational when you need it most.

Product Range


Cardiff, NSW (Head Office)

Our 1780m2 Newcastle headquarters includes a leading-edge manufacturing workshop, training facility, telecommunications, computer networks, onsite printing and product showroom.

Brisbane, QLD (Remote Office)

The Brisbane remote office specialises in installation, commissioning and servicing of a wide range of critical power protection equipment and power supply products.