Planned Maintenance

R&D Technology help a broad range of clients keep the lights on, the motors running and back-up systems across the country operational, ready to take up the load if the unexpected strikes.

Our specialist and experienced team of technicians supply periodic and methodical planned maintenance services to all industries, ensuring critical pieces of equipment are serviced on a schedule that suits your business needs. Maximise operational outcomes and smooth transitions today with a targeted preventive maintenance plan.

The Benefits of Scheduled Planned Maintenance

Planned system maintenance is essential for any business, corporation or utilities centre charged with delivering essential services to the public, the private sector and other businesses. It can take years and a lot of hard work to build a solid market reputation and only a single hiccup to lose it all – an R&D Technology maintenance plan ensures your equipment is running at optimum operation maximising uptime, keeping your business safe and your employees safer still.


Why Should You Invest in Planned Maintenance with R&D Technology?

Our 25 plus years in the industry has solidified the fact that every business is different, and while your individual reasons for ordering a planned maintenance schedule may differ, we believe safety, reliability and minimal downtime is unanimous across all industries. Our maintenance services ensure your day is uninterrupted by the sound of alarms and alerts, keeping conveyor belts running, the lights on, motors firing and support infrastructure. 

In short, you should invest in planned maintenance because you care about your business, your people and your customers as much as we do!


The R&D Technology Maintenance Promise

We keep things simple. Maintenance can be an exhausting and expensive process, often ending with a long-winded report that barely makes sense to the engineering team, let alone the accountancy department. We’re challenging this norm with our personalised maintenance plans – inclusions cover:

  • Service notifications: We’ll let you know when your next maintenance visit is due.
  • Clear reporting: You’ll receive a colour-coded report to review at the end of each appointment.
  • Required and optional actions will be clearly highlighted in language that makes sense to anybody reading the contents.
  • Reliability: We do what we say and we say what we’ll do, making sure each step works for you.
  • Ownership, accountability and responsibility is what we are truly all about

Industries We Service

R&D Technology develop planned maintenance schedules for a range of industries and businesses, including but not limited to:

  •         Health and Hospitals
  •         Food and Beverage
  •         Utilities and Councils
  •         Communications
  •         Mining and Plant
  •         Petrochemical Industries


Our maintenance plans prevent problems

R&D Technology is always on hand to ensure your business stays on track. Get in touch today and speak to our team of specialist technicians about your needs.

We listen, deliver, install and service.