Our Mission

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Our vision is to be the most sought after business partner in the supply of specialised engineering products in Australasia.

Our Mission

R&D Technology invests in developing a highly motivated, committed, successful and customer-focused team with shared values of honesty, integrity and a great work ethic.

R&D Technology is in the business of supplying innovative, technically compliant, world-class solutions to our customers’ and business partners’ needs. These are delivered on time and within budget every time. We have the capacity to manufacture or engineer a local solution or source standard products from our network of global business partners.

Our business partners are those companies large or small who are like-minded to R&D Technology with similar company philosophy, are leaders in their particular markets and are financially secure enabling sustained growth.

R&D Technology has developed a unique system, driven by skilled individuals working within a team environment with clearly defined common goals. This uniqueness allows R&D Technology to become an integral part of our business partners’ team ensuring shared continuous growth and profitability.


Cardiff, NSW (Head Office)

Our 1780m2 Newcastle headquarters includes a leading-edge manufacturing workshop, training facility, telecommunications, computer networks, onsite printing and product showroom.

Brisbane, QLD (Remote Office)

The Brisbane remote office specialises in installation, commissioning and servicing of a wide range of critical power protection equipment and power supply products.