Engineer, Commission and Service

R&D Technology employs service-focused engineering technicians, dedicated to designing, creating, commissioning and maintaining specialised engineering products. Unlike other engineering firms, our size ensures every product we engineer, design and manufacture (100% in Australia) leaves our factory ready for service.

We deliver confidence, experience and products that you can count on, we back everything we manufacture by our own in house Site capable technicians ensuring your business maintains momentum and essential systems continue to function as expected.

Custom Engineering Solutions

Our process is straight-forward and centred around client objectives. We like to keep communication simple, even when the project is complicated, meeting with you to discuss your objectives before work begins. Learn a little more about the steps below:

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Every piece of work begins with specifications. Our technicians will sit with you to understand your needs, identifying problems and potential product solutions, ensuring the end-result ticks every box before it reaches engineering. Do you already have drawings? Great. R&D Technology can work off any existing sketches and diagrams.

Engineering and Manufacture

Once we’ve attained your approval, our skilled engineers and technicians will ensure the final product is both of high quality and cost effective, through development to transforming your ideas into an operational reality while maintaining Australian safety standards. We are mindful all designs must meet a long list of safety regulations, before and after manufacture – R&D Technology pride ourselves on being compliant and work safe at every turn.


Supply and Commission

The product is complete! Following sign-off and acceptance testing, we will deliver and commission all engineering products on-site, ensuring your new asset is operational from the very first day. We’ll hand over all relevant paperwork and give your people an introduction to the new critical system.



We are engineering problems and solutions specialists. Our product specialist technicians will work with you to develop a maintenance plan that reflects your needs, the load on the installation and potential issues that may arise. We service our equipment for its entire lifetime, ensuring you’re protected against breakdowns at every turn. We have some products we have manufactured with over 20 years solid service even in the most difficult of site conditions

R&D Technology Specialise in Engineered Products that Meet Your Needs

We work with a broad range of clients to transform ideas into usable systems and products, driven by your objectives and unique requirements. These are just some examples of the equipment we specialise in;

  •         Conveyor safety control equipment
  •         AC & DC power systems
  •         Power factor correction
  •         Motor control
  •         In house custom electrical engineering solutions
  •         Visual break isolators
  •         Marshalling boxes
  •         Process control and telemetry automation and Integration solutions


End to End Service. Custom Engineering Products that Work.

In-house designers, engineers, developers and support personnel ensure you’ll only ever deal with one local team focused on your success. Reach out today and find out why R&D Technology is one of Australia’s fastest growing engineering companies.