Motor Control

R&D Technology have your assets top of mind with our range of motor control products and motor protection relays. Protect essential equipment from a range of business-stopping issues, including overloads, jamming, unbalancing, excessive operational cycles, phase loss, overheating, heavy start-ups, ground faults, overloads and other equipment failures.

Our team of factory-trained specialists deliver a range of control components, identifying your operational needs and long-term goals before recommending the right product to keep your business running smoothly. Every motor requires a control mechanism. Ensure your motor control systems are up-to-date and ready to take on the demands of your equipment and achieve a safer, more compliant workplace with R&D Technology.

Why Pursue Motor Control with R&D Technology?

·         Inhouse repairs and load testing

·         Onsite commissioning

·         Preventative maintenance

·         Locally stocked spare parts

·         Capacitor reforming for stored/spare units

·         Motor and cable packages available

·         Breakdown support backed by factory trained technicians

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Variable Speed AC Drives

Our trained technicians offer extensive support and industry leading experience to every client, meeting with you to determine your needs now and into the future, subsequently matching you with a solution that fits your operational goals. R&D Technology offers powerful variable speed drive options, including Danfoss VLT and Vacon Variable speed AC drives, in addition capacitor reforming (for stored and spare units); motor and cable packages; and low-harmonic solutions that meet supply authority requirements.

Motor Protection Relays

R&D Technology offer a range of work-ready motor protection relays, ensuring efficiencies year round, regardless of performance load. With standard models and customisable options to choose from, valid concerns like over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, phase loss, reverse phase, overloading, grounding, short circuiting, over clocking and stalling will no longer impact your bottom line.


R&D Technology have leveraged the experience of our award-winning team of technicians and engineers to create an IP66 certified unit. Unlike most isolators on the market today, the XT3 Xtreme series is covered by its certification entirely, while most competitors only focus on the enclosure.  Rigorous testing, exploration and prototyping has led to a resilient isolator, suited to even the most corrosive Australian climate. Locally designed and made, our isolators reflect R&D’s ongoing passion for quality and safety.

Our products solve problems

At R&D Technology, we take responsibility for every product that leaves our warehouse floor. Get in touch today and speak to our team of specialist technicians about your needs.

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Motor Control

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