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Leveltec Tilt Switches

Tilt Switches

R&D Technology is a proud distributor of Leveltec tilt switches. Leveltec is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of tilt detection devices.

Leveltec tilt switches are Australian-made and approved for use in a broad range of industries.

From mining to manufacturing, agriculture, transport and construction – each product is designed for the varied conditions of the Australian workforce.

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Built to Last

R&D Technology provide tilt detection and monitoring devices that are built to last.

Each tilt switch is made from corrosion-resistant material such as stainless steel or chrome plated bisalloy plates. For mercury and snap action switches, the tube is made from nonconductive material.

Leveltec tilt switches requires no cleaning or regular maintenance to give accurate readings.

Our Products

Mercury Tilt Switch

The Leveltec mercury tilt switch is a multi-purpose device. It’s ideal for measuring high bin levels, detecting blocked chutes, indicating crusher bowel levels, and the drifting of conveyor belts.

When small droplets of mercury connect with the circuit, the tilt switch opens or closes based on changes in motion or orientation.

Our mercury tilt switches are easy to install and integrate with existing static machinery. Each device comes with chrome plated extension tubes to suspend from heavy duty cables.

With the toxic mercury enclosed in a secure case, there’s no risk of the contact points becoming oxidized.

  • Circuits can be interrupted without risk of sparks igniting flammable gases
  • Quiet operation with no loud snapping noises
  • Enclosed contact points to prevent oxidization

Thermo Tilt Switch

Thermo tilt switches are used to detect over temperature, changes in the orientation of static machinery, or a combination of both.

With three individual switch outputs, it’s easy to know what fault has occurred and how to solve the problem. Each product is factory tested to ensure they’re compliant with the specific tolerances of different machinery.

  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable time delay to prevent false alarms
  • LED status lights with no replaceable bulbs
  • Resistant to abrasion for lasting performance and durability

Have Any Questions?

The R&D Technology team are available Monday to Friday for all business enquiries.

Contact us for more information about our tilt switches and advice on ordering your products.

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